For Alexander & Maggie & the world.

snowman seeds

Once upon a time,
Not so long ago,
Alexander and his gramma,
Were waiting for the snow.

They knew that it was coming,
The chill was in the air,
Then Alexander's gramma,
Recalled a story she had to share.

They sat upon the loveseat,
Gramma opened her old book,
The pages were handwritten,
It had an ancient look.

Alexander was just little,
Maybe two or three,
But he knew that it was special,
The drawings brought him glee.

As Gramma turned that pages,
She stopped at one and said,
"This is what we're looking for!"
And then his Gramma read...

It was written by herself,
Though his Gramma was quite tall,
Alexander thought she was an elf.

The story started kind of slow,
Talking about the weather,
Alexander listened patiently,
Hoping it got better.

Then his ears perked up,
And his smile surely grew,
When Gramma reached the good part,
Explaining what to do!

"Take a paper, any size,
Fold it any way,
Create a little envelope,
Then tuck it safe away.

Put it under your pillow,
Dream about the snow,
Take it out, they're inside,
Seeds to make SNOWMEN grow!"

So they got a piece of Christmas card,
From a Christmas long ago,
They folded it together,
Beside the fireplace glow.

It took a couple sleeps,
Until Alexander had a dream,
"It was snowing, Gramma!"
These two made quite a team!

So now they had the Snowman Seeds,
They waited for the snow,
The forecast said it's coming,
And they knew the seeds would grow!

They took the envelope outside,
They chose the perfect place,
Sprinkling seeds on either side of the steps,
Smiles were on their face.

Alexander asked the question,
Inquisitive, he was,
"Why can't we see the seeds we planted?"
Gramma said, "Because their seeds of pure love!"

She explained the best she could,
Though she really wasn't sure,
The Snowmen Seeds worked the best,
When the love was pure.

Gramma loved her grandson,
More than words could measure,
Snowman Seeds all planted,
They waited on the weather.

During the night it happened,
When they both were sleeping,
Jack Frost paid a visit,
And the snow it was a heaping!

When they woke, they looked outside,
And you know what they saw?
A dozen tiny snowmen,
None were very tall.

They went outside, inspected them,
They really were quite thrilled,
The tiny snowmen smiled up at them,
Then Gramma got quite chilled.

"Let's go back inside, my love!
And get warmed up a minute,
Then we'll come outside again,
And the snow, we'll jump right in it!"

These two made magic happen,
That will never fade away,
For when the love is true & pure,
It's always here to stay.

The Snowman Seeds come out each year,
These two still plant the joy,
And the love grows on and on,
For a Gramma and her boy.

So now you know the secret,
You know just what to do,
Fold your special envelope,
Make Snowman Seeds for you!

Wait for the weather, plant the seeds,
Don't forget pure love,
Wishing you tiny snowmen,
When the snow falls from above.

Happy Winter to you and yours,
From this Gramma filled with joys,
May your dreams and snowmen grow,
For all the girls and boys!

By Priscilla Houliston
Inspired by Alexander
Illustrated by Maggie (A book is coming soon!)

"A delightful tale & tradition for you to share with the little ones in your life"